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Aura v2.4.6 – 160 MB (03.02.2022)2022-02-06T11:03:24+08:00

[Added] Settings import for EXT edition. Only EXT settings can be imported, user-created settings still require an OPEN license to be imported.

[Added] New composite settings and profile for Smooth PA / CCF 1.5k + Polylite PETG (EXT Edition).

[Changed] Updated printer settings and composite settings for improved composite printing reliability.

[Changed] Small changes and fixes in Premium licensing behavior.

[Fixed] Incorrect print order for the external shell when printing without fiber if reinforced entities print order is set to “Before external shell”.

[Fixed] Relative extrusion coordinates.

Aura v2.0.8 – 155 MB (25.12.2020)2021-01-12T15:39:19+08:00

[Added] New printing profiles for REC Relax (EXT package)

[Changed] Default values for solid top and bottom layer count in some profiles

Aura v1.27.3 – 153 MB (19.10.2020)2021-01-13T09:13:28+08:00

[Fixed] Exception in rare cases when slicing multiple models

[Fixed] Loading of 3ds files which include materials

[Fixed] Problem in overhang perimeters recognition algorithm, which resulted in program freeze in rare cases

[Fixed] Incorrect rounding of “Infill extension into perimeters” parameter

[Fixed] Exception on adding multiple composite and plastic extruders to a printer