• [Added] Printhead and buildplate temperatures can now be adjusted during printing through Control-Tune menu
  • [Added] Nozzle cooling fan speed can now be adjusted during printing through Control-Tune menu
  • [Added] Z-axis position can now be adjusted during printing to correct calibration problems while printing the first layer of the part (Control – Correct Z)
  • [Added] Additional information about a file is now displayed before printing (file modification date/time, estimated print time, materials consumption). The information is displayed for g-codes generated by Aura v1.23.2 and higher
  • [Added] Added error messages in case of problems with printer EEPROM settings storage
  • [Added] Added optional “R” parameter to tool-change command (T[tool index] R). It can be used to force tool-change movements.
  • [Changed] Chamber exhaust fan is now activated on a higher temperature, and work in one of three modes depending on the temperature inside the chamber (30%, 50%, and 100%)
  • [Changed] Maximum possible filename length on SD increased to 50 symbols
  • [Changed] The maximum target extruder temperature is changed to 270°C. The MAXTEMP error will now appear if the heater temperature is larger than the maximum target temperature by 6°C
  • [Changed] Minor load/unload wizard improvements
  • [Changed] Increased U feedrate for movements from LCD Movement screen
  • [Fixed] Incorrect print start point after previous print was canceled while changing tool
  • [Fixed] Incorrect behavior when homing from LCD Movement screen
  • [Fixed] Canceling material loading wizard on steps 3 and 4
  • [Fixed] Returning to previous LCD screen after an error message
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